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Treatment of dental caries

Treatment of dental caries

Treatment of dental caries and cavities is the realm of conservative dentistry. At SORDYL STOMATOLOGIA, we guarantee the highest quality of services, including the following domains:

- anaesthesia – in order for the patient to be fully comfortable during the treatment

- eradication of dental caries and the reconstruction of the tooth’s shape using 3D fillings: we perform these using a cutting edge dental microscope EXTARO Carl Zeiss. Using a microscope allows for a maximum magnification of the defects and a detailed visualisation of the working field, which subsequently translates into precision and durability of the reconstructed surface

- we apply the fillings using a cofferdam. Cofferdam is a latex/latex-free gum which allows one to ideally isolate the tooth being treated from all the other structures within the oral cavity.

- we use the best available on the market bonding system (called bonds), which ensures a long-lasting tightness of the fillings

- we work using only the leading composite materials (called fillings), which we apply using the highest standards – we use a technique where only small portions of the composite are applied at a time. This in turn minimises contraction tension and increases the longevity of the tightness within the fillings. As a result, our patients benefit in long term from time and monetary savings

- we put a big emphasis on the modelling and polishing of the fillings, which improves the aesthetic aspect of patient’s dentition

A special case that requires more specialised care are teeth with extensive destruction of the tooth’s crown (i.e. loss of more than 3 surfaces of the tooth) and teeth following root canal treatment.

In cases where an extensive destruction of the teeth’s crown has occurred, a world leading standard is to reconstruct the tooth using a composite material (onlay), prepared previously in a customised manner by a technician in the lab. The dentist then cements the onlay onto the cofferdam-isolated tooth, in order to ensure perfect adhesion. This procedure ensures a durable reconstruction of the tooth and saves the hard dental tissues, as it allows the patient to avoid canal root treatment and reconstruction.

Special case linked to root canal treatment

Teeth after root canal treatment are frequently characterised by a significant destruction of the hard tissues. Merely getting access to the tooth’s pulp requires the removal of the chamber’s vault, which significantly weakens the biomechanical endurance of the tooth. Therefore, each tooth following root canal treatment should be rebuilt as soon as possible using a method recommended by the dentist for the particular case. In most instances, we use glass fibres or prosthetic reconstructions.

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