About us

You will soon realise that SORDYL STOMATOLOGIA is not yet another place, where "your teeth are being treated". Our efforts are centred on an individual approach to each patient and we surround each person crossing our doorstep with uttermost care. We treat people as a whole, not just their teeth.

In our opinion, modern dentistry is not only about procedures performed according to world standards, but also a holistic approach to the individual needs of each patient. In order to thoroughly fulfil this goal, we have gathered at SORDYL STOMATOLOGIA the very best specialists from different branches of dentistry. Additionally, we have provided them with cutting edge medical equipment and dental materials. What is more, the standards that we set for our procedures are also followed by the very best and most prestigious dental clinics around the world. While doing so, we always remember that it is the patient and their needs that drive our actions. A detailed treatment plan is devised through a two-way communication between the patient and the SORDYL STOMATOLOGIA team. Our approach relies on mutual trust. We know that dental treatments are ever so successful when based on kindness, patience and empathy.

To ensure your physical and mental comfort, we have created a visually appealing and comfortable space in our clinic. For us, it is you, your opinion and your needs that always take priority. Our team always keeps this code of conduct at heart!

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