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Dental crowns and prosthetic bridges

Dental crowns and prosthetic bridges

Our specialists at SORDYL STOMATOLOGIA are very experienced in the customised selection and application of crowns and bridges, should a patient need them. We also offer prostheses, dental splints and many other types of prosthetic work.

Prosthodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on filling the gaps created by missing teeth. This solution allows one to achieve desirable aesthetic effects of a full smile and also so important in everyday life – the correct functionality of our dentition. Dental prosthetics require from the dentist not only vast amounts of knowledge and expertise, but also a perfect sense for colours, hues, shapes and aesthetics that is key for the patient to achieve the desired visual effect.

Even one missing tooth can lead to the following problems:

- overloading of the remaining teeth

- unequal distribution of chewing forces and strain on the remaining teeth

- tilting of teeth towards the gap or displacement of the opposed tooth out of the bone

Application of a dental crown

Crowns are frequently a great solution to deal with damaged dentition, especially if simple fillings cannot be used to rebuild the tissue. If a sequence of crowns is used, a prosthetic bridge is applied. Crows and bridges are classified as permanent dental fillings – the patient does not remove them from the oral cavity. Because they are firmly cemented, they become a new, fixed element of our dentition that does not interfere with everyday life.

Application of a dental bridge

The dentist fixes the bridge on the neighbouring teeth - these can be either natural teeth, or dental implants. A new tooth is fixed on the bridge, typically in the form of a span. This solution allows for a very durable and safe connection with patient’s jaw/mandible. In fact, the majority of patients become accustomed to the bridges very rapidly and almost immediately start treating them as natural part of their dentition.

At STOMATOLOGIA SORDYL, an experienced dentist chooses the best crown/bridge variant for the patient, taking into consideration patient’s priorities and preferences. Depending on the number of damaged teeth and their position, we choose the most suitable and comfortable type of prosthetic structure. We establish the cost estimate of the planned prosthetic treatment and discuss all the aspects of the prosthetic procedure with the patient.

Our cutting-edge equipment guarantees safety and durability of the crowns and prosthetic bridges that we offer.

All the procedures associated with prosthetic solutions are performed at SORDYL STOMATOLOGIA using modern and world-renowned materials.

The microscope EXTARO Carl Zeiss that we use during prosthetic procedures guarantees not only a precise preparation of the patient’s oral cavity, but also elevates the precision and quality of the prosthetic element created for the patient.

We use precise and modern impression masses, which allow for a detailed reflection of the background for the prosthesis.

We work together only with the very best prosthetic technicians.

It is our uttermost priority for each prosthetic work implemented at SORDYL STOMATOLOGIA to be unique and of a top quality, as we strongly believe that our patients deserve this.

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