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Removal of dental tartar (scaling)

Removal of dental tartar (scaling)

Scaling is a procedure that removes oral calculi (known as tartar) from the surface of the teeth. At SORDYL STOMATOLOGIA, it is performed by a team of certified dental hygienists.

The procedure of tartar removal using an ultrasound machine manufactured by the Swiss company EMIS is quick and practically painless. The presence of tartar can lead to many significant health issues, including periodonitis, teeth loss and periodontium diseases. This is why regular removal of oral calculi is so important not only due to aesthetic reasons, but also for the health of the oral cavity. Some individuals with particularly mineralised saliva should undergo a scaling procedure even every 4 months.

Why do I have tartar?

The production of tartar is a physiological process – therefore, it happens in all of us. However, the rate of deposition of tartar on teeth surfaces is highly variable between individuals. Tartar accumulates in the vicinity of teeth necks, often in highly inaccessible places. Tartar arises as a result of mineralisation of the dental plaque.

The longer the tartar is present on teeth, the more exposed do teeth necks become. Long-term, this leads to periodonitis and successive falling out of teeth. It is thus extraordinarily important to regularly remove tartar and undergo teeth sandblasting.

Because our dental hygienists are highly skilled and they have mastered this procedure to perfection, the removal of dental tartar at SORDYL STOMATOLOGIA is painless. Those patients who are known to have a particularly low pain threshold can of course be locally anaesthetised by a dentist, though scaling using ultrasounds is widely known to be painless. After the procedure, some patients may experience a temporarily hypersensitivity. Even if it occurs though, it does not last long. The benefits of a beautiful, beaming smile can, however, be enjoyed for long weeks.

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