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Root canal treatment (endodontics)

Root canal treatment (endodontics)

Who needs root canal treatment?

We typically employ root canal treatment in patients with untreated, deep caries or following extensive structural damage to the tooth. We put particular emphasis on effective anaesthesia, so that the patient is fully comfortable and relaxed throughout the duration of the procedure. Root canal treatment (called endodontics) is based on the identification and treatment of dental pulp conditions within the tooth („the nerve”) and periapical tissues (the inflammatory state „underneath” the root).


Dental root treatment involves the following steps:

- in a tooth with previously untreated canals: removal of the infected dental pulp from the cavity in the crown and root canals; in cases of subsequent interventions: the removal of the infected or leaky material from the root canals

- mechanical elaboration of root canals and a thorough chemical disinfection of the canals

- filling in 3D of the previously prepared canal network

- hermetic reconstruction of the tooth with its roots treated – reconstruction of the hard tissues of the crown and the root, previously destroyed by the inflammatory state

All procedures performed at SORDYL STOMATOLOGIA during root canal treatment are performed with the use of cutting-edge dental equipment.

The latest and most advanced dental microscope EXTARO Carl Zeiss that we use allows our Team to treat according to the highest world standards and grants a maximal available magnification and hence visualisation of the root canals.

We use only modern and thoroughly verified nickel-titanium tools, which are exceptionally flexible and durable. Additionally, our clinic is equipped in ultrasound systems, which together with excellent endometers and endometric microengines from the VDW company guarantee the best precision.

We chemically disinfect the canal network using solutions that ensure a highly effective elimination of bacteria, which caused the inflammatory state within the tooth and periapical tissues.

Hermetic root canal filling is performed in 3D using the innovative system B&L SuperEndo, which exploits heated and liquified thermoplastic materials. Throughout, we supervise the effects of treatment using a system of radiographic visualisations, available at each of our dental stations. This allows us to immediately acquire an image of the tooth and in comparison to traditional X-ray machines – exposes our patients to a safer dose of radiation (only 1/100 dose of a traditional X-ray).

Endodontics is a very technologically advanced and rapidly developing branch of dentistry. Therefore, root canal treatments require very skilled and experienced dental professionals.

Modern and effective root canal treatment and an appropriate rebuilding of teeth allows the patient to retain own teeth and use them as effectively as the healthy counterparts. Root canal treatment takes care of the tooth’s root. Though effective use of the tooth (including biting) requires a hermetic and resistant tooth crown to be subsequently rebuilt.

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