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Dental surgery

Dental surgery

Dental surgery is a branch of dentistry that provides a surgical approach to treat the diseases affecting the oral cavity and the structures in its vicinity. It is a surgical subspecialty. In fact, all operating procedures that are performed in the oral cavity in order to eradicate inflammatory states and the improvement of the anatomical defects within the jaw, the maxillary bone and the soft tissues are oficially classified as „dental surgery”.

How can dental surgery help you

Dental surgery is frequently implemented as the last resort to save a tooth from extraction.

Frequently, the following procedures:

- resection – cutting the tip of the root off,

- radectomy – cutting off and removal of one of the roots in a multiroot tooth, with the retention of the tooth’s crown,

- hemisection – the removal of one of the roots together with the crown, in a multiroot tooth,

- premolarisation – cutting through a molar tooth in a way that creates two smaller, independent teeth

allow one to retain at least a part of the tooth in the oral cavity and hence in the future – use that part for a subsequent reconstruction.

If the disease in the tooth is advanced and a surgical treatment is no longer applicable, as the last resort we extract (remove) teeth that cannot be saved. Additionally, we offer extraction of teeth as a preparation for an orthodontics treatment. We also remove burdensome wisdom teeth.

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