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Teeth Sandblasting

Teeth Sandblasting

Teeth sandblasting is a painless method that cleans the teeth from discolorations and sediments, including those that arose due to coffee, tea and cigarette use. Importantly, it efficiently removes discolorations and sediments from places that are otherwise not easily accessible. Teeth sandblasting is thus a minimally invasive method, which allows our patients to regain a beautiful, pearl-white smile. To ensure an absolute comfort of the patients of SORDYL STOMATOLOGIA, we are equipped in an ultramodern professional dental gritter from the Swiss company EMS. In the sandblasting procedure, we use sand compounds which are dedicated to subgingival and perigingival procedures. Our team or dental hygienists are also fully trained to clean the surfaces that surround dental implants.

The final step of a sandblasting intervention is to carefully polish the surface of the teeth using stripes, rubbers and polishing pastes.

It is always better, faster and more financially favourable for the patient to prevent rather than to treat. Therefore, we highly recommend that our patients do regular dental check-ups. A regular assessment of the dentition, dental sealing and a systematic cleansing of the teeth (sandblasting and dental tartar removal) are key to a beautiful, healthy smile.

All preventive procedures are performed at SORDYL STOMATOLOGIA by certified dental hygienists.

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