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Treating milk teeth

Treating milk teeth

Contrary to what some people think, the health of milk teeth (formally known as „deciduous teeth”) is as important as the health of permanent teeth. Also milk teeth contain pulp inside („the nerve”) and thus if they are decaying – this can lead to significant pain. Additionally, milk teeth have long roots, biting and chewing without which would have been impossible as the tooth would be constantly wobbling. The roots of milk teeth become resorbed (they autonomously shorten) as the tooth is about to fall out, mainly due to the pressure exerted by the permanent tooth that is erupting in its place.

This is why at SORDYL STOMATOLOGIA we put the very best effort to ensure that this potentially unpleasant for the young patient encounter turns into a very positive experience. The benefits of this extend beyond maintaining a caries-free oral cavity, especially as permanent teeth progressively erupt. Dental caries is a disease caused by bacteria, which together with the saliva are spread across to other teeth. Thus, one infected milk tooth can propagate caries to multiple newly erupted permanent teeth. It is equally important that good hygiene and dietary habits are developed from the very young age and the young patient perceives frequent dental check-ups as the norm, essential for the maintenance of good health.

In cases where tooth decay is advanced and the treatment may be somewhat unpleasant to the child, the young patient is anaesthetised before the procedure with a special gel. Subsequently, anaesthetic liquid is applied from a syringe, which we explain to the patient as “a little insect bite”. We do not show needles or other scary instruments to our young patients. Instead of drilling, we “clean little teeth with water using rotating brushes”. Thereafter, we apply white or colourful filling, the colour of which is selected by the child themselves before the procedure. In fact, for many of our little patients this is the most important part of the visit at the dentist! After the visit, the child always gets a well-deserved treat. At SORDYL STOMATOLOGIA, we additionally put a huge emphasis on caries prophylaxis and parental education. We also encourage an open and honest communication between the parent and the child.

In cases where inflammation of the milk tooth’s pulp has developed, we either extract the tooth or proceed with dental root treatment that is adapted to the child’s age. In fact, the techniques used to treat milk teeth in children and teenagers are not very different to those used in the adult patient population.

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