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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening

Discolorations, which negatively influence the aesthetic aspect of our dentition and often affect self-confidence, frequently affect those of us who lead a hasty, busy life. Artificially coloured food, coffee, tea, nicotine, wine – all these substances may lead to tooth discolorations. Once a discolouration deeply invades into the structure of the tooth, it can no longer be eliminated by even most diligent toothbrushing.

Modern dentistry offers a whole plethora of methods that permit for a change in the shape, colour, hue or position of teeth. This subsequently results in an improvement in the appearance of our smile. White, even and beautiful teeth are undoubtedly a sign of health and beauty, but also an additional reason to be smiling more frequently. A beautiful and full smile is the basis of an aesthetic appearance of the face and general wellbeing.

Thus, we recommend that our patients familiarise themselves with all the benefits that stem from professional teeth whitening at SORDYL STOMATOLOGIA. We offer an ultramodern system of teeth overlays, which are customised and prepared for each patient individually in a prosthetic lab. From all the methods currently available on the market we have chosen the one which is the most effective and safest solution for these of our patients who dream of a whiter smile. Teeth health and the efficiency of the whitening process are our uttermost priority. Thus, in the method that we practice, hypersensitivity after the whitening procedure is expected to be minimal.

How to prepare for teeth whitening

Teeth before being subjected to a whitening process have to be healthy. Thus, before whitening, dental caries and inflammatory states within the oral cavity have to be treated. In cases where the state of patient’s dentition requires this, first professional hygenisation - scaling and sandblasting – may be recommended. In such cases, there has to be at least a 24h interval between scaling/sandblasting and teeth whitening.

CONTRAINDICATIONS for teeth whitening:

- untreated teeth diseases

- gum diseases

- people aged less than 18 years old

- pregnancy and breastfeeding

- an allergy to any of the components of the substances used during the whitening process

Extra care has to be taken if the patient suffers from diabetes, epilepsy or cancer.

Recommendations after the whitening treatment:

The main recommendation for our patients is to follow the so called „white diet”. As part of it, one should aim to eliminate all products that have a propensity for teeth discolouration. Products, which have to be categorically eliminated from the diet in this period include: coffee, tea, wine, fruit juices, dark sauces, red meat and fruit/vegetables that are known to discolour teeth. To enjoy the maximum benefits from the whitening treatment, one should ideally also limit/stop smoking.

Additionally, we guarantee that after the whitening treatment, the teeth will look natural and will become visibly whiter. The durability of the effects depends mainly on the patient’s lifestyle. In particular – whether the patient adheres to the dietary/smoking recommendations. However, an individual propensity of teeth to this type of treatments and the correct hygiene of the oral cavity also play a role.

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