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Dental sealing

Dental sealing

Dental sealing belongs to the group of prophylactic procedures and is entirely painless. The entire procedure of dental sealing takes between 15 and 20 minutes.

The aim of the dental sealing is to cover the grooves and furrows in teeth’s surface with a sealant. Due to their position and structure, grooves and furrows have limited self-cleansing capabilities. In fact, grooves and furrows are resistant to even most diligent toothbrushing, which otherwise removes most of food remnants from teeth’s surfaces. Insufficient level of hygiene in these places promotes bacterial growth, which in turn leads to the development of dental caries foci even in very young patients. Each furrow, before being filled with the sealant, is thoroughly examined by the dental professional. Frequently, if grooves arise in the 6th of 7th permanent teeth, they become occupied by extensive caries centres. In such cases, the grooves have to be initially expanded and thoroughly cleansed, before the extended sealing procedure can be performed. We recommend that our patients have all grooves in all the erupted molar teeth examined and sealed.

It is best if grooves and furrows are regularly examined by a dental professional.

To maintain the protective function of dental sealing, the teeth should be re-examined every 6 months.

It is recommended that sealing is complemented by other methods that aim to eliminate dental caries, including dental varnishing.

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